DobbleStone is making something...

DobbleStone is a team of independent game developers from the Netherlands. We just announced development of Peaceful Era, a competitive local-multiplayer brawler.
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We are DobbleStone

Team DobbleStone is a group of students from Utrecht University, the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, and the Deltion College Zwolle (The Netherlands). Born out of a desire to gain even more experience in game development than our studies provided, DobbleStone was founded. At its core, the business is run by Eric, Paolo, Xhi Jia, and Hans. They are DobbleStone's founders as well as its team of programmers.

Much needed artist joined the team: first Dirk (Deltion) and later Daphne and Daniƫl (both HKU). Also from the HKU is Killian, our much valued composer. He is aided by Michiel, who creates our sound effects, and who previously also did music and sound design for Two Tribes titles such as Toki Tori and Rush.

We're very happy to have all these people share their skills with us in the development of DobbleStone's first project, Peaceful Era.